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Livre Blanc Stat Marché

SKAdNetwork 4.0

Que faut-il retenir sur SKAdNetwork 4.0 ? Quelles sont les améliorations ? Quelles sont les actions à mettre en place ?


Découvrez dans ce livre blanc toutes les nouveautés et comment s’y adapter.

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Level up your App install

Retrouvez dans ce livre blanc nos recommandations pour Level-Up your App Install ! Focus sur les 4 leviers clés : ASO, ASA, Facebook & Google. 

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Leviers acquisition : Must-have & Scale Up

Quels sont les leviers qui existent aujourd’hui ? Lesquels activer en priorité ? Quels sont les objectifs, audiences et formats de chacun d’entre eux ? 

Retrouvez dans ce livre blanc les must have en 2022 pour scaler et en bonus, les nouveautés Google en termes de LAT.

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Baromètre CPM

Avec le Covid-19, les CPM de Facebook et Google ont connus de nombreuses évolutions en 2021 :

➩ Moins d’annonceurs ⇒ Baisse des enchères

➩ De nouvelles opportunités d’investissements et de ROI à saisir !

Demandez vite le baromètre 2021-2022 mis à jour tous les mois !

Market statistics

What are the key figures for the mobile ecosystem in 2021? Which sectors will be most impacted by the pandemic? What are the opportunities to seize now to stand out from the crowd? Download our white paper now!


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Do you want to acquire new leads on mobile? Find out which levers to activate and how to implement a winning strategy to bring qualified leads to you! Download our white paper now!


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Many advertisers prioritize the acquisition of new users over the retention of existing ones. Yet acquiring a new customer costs 5 times more than retaining one? So make your customers want to stay with you! Download our white paper now!


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Customer animation

You want to increase your reactivity and transformation? Then animate your customers and prospects on mobile by creating unique moments! Quizzes, scratch cards, augmented reality, contests… Use all the possibilities that the mobile support offers you! Download our white paper now!


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Drive to Store

The proportion of consumers who use their cell phones when they are in a physical store is constantly increasing. How to improve the customer experience in store? How can mobile be an indispensable tool to improve the consumer’s in-store shopping experience? Download our white paper now!


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Consulting and training

We support you in the realization of your project. In full or self-service our experts intervene to allow you to improve the performance of your actions and to develop profitability! Start your Mobile Marketing strategy on a strong basis. Download our white paper now!


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App Store SEO

Do you know how users discover a mobile application? What is the main source? Browsing the app stores! That’s why it is essential to develop an effective strategy to position yourself in the top rankings of the stores.


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