The impact of retargeting on conversion rates is undeniable for most advertisers who have developed a digital strategy. In fact, 80% of retargeted people are more likely to convert later on.
Our retargeting teams will advise and support you:
Start by focusing on those who already know you: talk to the opt-ins directly in your application. Mobile CRM experts will help you create and/or set up your in-app push notifications and track their performance.
In parallel, retarget your opt-outs or even your entire database by activating other networks:

Let’s define together the 2 essential axes for an efficient animation and retargeting strategy: the message and the target.

Our in-house studio is available to help you stand out on channels where visuals will make all the difference!

Alternatively, choose automation with our programmatic DCO (Dynamic Creative Optimization) solution that will allow you to capitalize on your product flow and increase your conversion rates!

You want to go further? Let’s do A/B tests of targets and content to identify the best content and generalize to all your campaigns.

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